Menu Settings not updating

I have updated the menu Settings (MenuLibre). But it is not reflecting. What I I do?

I prefer to install alacarte

sudo apt install alacarte

Menulibre and Alacarte both offer great customization, but each offers something the other does not.
It helps to have both.
I also prefer to use the Whiskermenu (Developed by the same developer that laid the ground work for what later became the Zorin Menu.) You might just check it out and see if you like it - as it comes with much configuration and settings contained within it.

sudo apt install xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin

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@Aravisian It wont do any harm in 16 lite? And if I install both, they work together?

Thanks in advance

I use Zorin OS Lite. And I install both. They do not conflict with each other. Settings changed in one are saved in the same file that the other accesses... So if you run both at the same exact time you may confuse yourself...
But other than that, there should be no problems at all.

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