Minecraft freezes after 5 minutes of playing

Hey everyone!

I’m new to the forums here and not sure if this is the right place to be asking this. I’ve been using Zorin for a very long time but I have an issue on my brother’s Macbook Late 2008 Unibody running ZorisOS 15.2. He installed Minecraft running optifine. It wasn’t even responding at first but I installed a very light texture-pack and optifine so it’s a bit smoother now but when he enters a world, his whole laptop freezes after 5 minutes and the game runs super slow in general.

The laptop has:
4GB Ram
Intel Core 2 Duo
A GeForce 9400M (Using the “Nvidia binary driver - version 340.108 from nvidea-340”)

Can anyone help out?

You will probably want to scroll down to Number 7:

What you describe sounds like two things to me…
Graphics issue
High CPU usage in the background.
When I say “high”, I do not mean that your PC is running at 80%. Rather, that for a game like Minecraft, it really needs as much dedicated to it (And this is true on any computer) as possible. You might check using a simple conky in the corner and watch GPU and CPU activity with the game running and see what happens. If you see a CPU spike, you can run a resource conky with the game running to easily see what is running in the background during game usage.
I am no expert and I do not play Minecraft… So what I post here is more of a general “I hope this helps” than a Sage bit o’ wisdom.