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When I upgraded to Zorin on my Macbook Pro Retina, I've been having a minor battery issue. I'm not sure if it's the OS or my battery. When I charge to 89%, my Mac charger turns from orange to green. It goes further than 89%, but if I do and disconnect the charger, it drops to 89%. My other computers don't seem to do this.

Any solutions? Thanks.

Some common battery problems are :-

  1. Battery life starts to degrade after a year or two (especially in notebook computers)
  2. Most of the battery is being used by background apps. (installed without users notice)
  3. Battery life is mostly affected by screen brightness.
  4. OS is Degrading battery life.
  5. Suspending PC also depletes battery life (majorly in old PC's).
  6. Restating services or opening or starting app without preload installed leads to additional battery usage due to high memory consumption caused due to the restart of the service.

I hope this will help you identify your problem :smile:


OK, let's start with... how do I check battery health?

You may need to calibrate the battery meter under ZorinOS. To do that you need to do a full charge then full discharge cycle (at least).

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I did a fresh install of Pro, so I don't think there were any background apps draining my battery.

I've got my screen brightness below halfway.

I doubt it.

My Mac is early 2015, it shouldn't deplete while it's suspended right?

But that's the system starts up. My issue occurs at any time.

It's not the battery health, UPower shows that the battery health is 89%.

A constant drain for Linux is Wifi and Bluetooth. Turn off when not in use.

I have bluetooth off, and using Wifi almost constantly.

I second this. Please calibrate the battery for the Linux sensor.
I usually suggest two or even three full cycles...
It's rare that calibration does not work. If it doesn't, it may mean the battery is at fault.

Apparently when I tried Ubuntu on it, it almost went to 100% (it went to 95%), so I'm not sure what's going on here.

It may say 95% when it is actually full due to incorrect meter calibration, so discharge and full charge again. (repeat if needed).

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