Missing options in Thunar File Manager

Yes, this will cause problems. For Graphical sudo, you will need to use the pkexec command, now.

pkexec thunar

I am really sorry, as I am new to linux I did not know that

I am new to Linux, a little over a year in. Learning never stops.
You might just go ahead and reinstall Zorin, since you just did anyway, and get everything to default. Then test Thunar, then use “pkexec thunar” to open it, then test whether the terminal is available after. IF it works, then you found your solution with good observation skills. :wink:

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Thanks for the command, so this is what I should use instead of the sudo (name) right? and can I use this for other apps like gedit?

Use the pkexec for Graphical User Interface applications only. For any terminal command that runs within the terminal, “sudo.” But for opening a GUI app from terminal that opens a new window with that apps GUI in it, you will want to use “pkexec.”

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Thanks for helping me out :relaxed: :+1:

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