Modifying Desktop Icons

  1. How do I make it smaller?
  2. How do I make them auto-arrange?
  3. How do I make them auto-align to grid?
  2. Can’t.
  3. Right click while on empty area on desktop, check “Keep aligned”.

Also it makes a difference whether using Zorin Lite or Zorin Core.

I’m using core. Desktop icons are messy. Way too big and the invisible grid is bad (not symmetrical). Ubuntu and Windows does it better.

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Zorin Core and Ubuntu use the Gnome Desktop. The configurations with Gnome can be explored in this thread for Desktop Icons:

There may be more fine-tuned fixes available with Gnome-Extensions or other tweaks (You might install gnome-tweaks and explore if you have not already)… I am not sure. There are many reasons I do not use the Gnome desktop and as such, I lack the knowledge to be very helpful with Gnome D.E.

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweaks

@wunzer0. I also use Core and agree desktop icon placement and size is inferior, especially if you have come from Windows and have a small screen.
You can “Resize” icons one at a time if you right click the icon, select Resize then drag a corner inwards (or outwards to increase).

Will reply in a bit - forgot I was in my Work Linux OS! LOL!

I am so tempted to make a Windows joke but it may be misconstrued. :face_with_head_bandage:

How did you do make the icons stack neatly and symmetrically?

I can’t remember - might be because I had installed Aravisian’s updated Azenis icon set? :wink:

If you are still using core then right click anywhare on the desktop.
From the resulting popup window, click the [ ]Arrange Icons box (I think that is what it says, but not on Zorin right now) and they will then stack up neatly in vertical columns.
However, they will not do the same horizontally. Better than nothing, but is a constant dissapointment to me.


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Hi zabadabadoo,

Yes, unfortunately I have also had issues of overlap in Core which I can’t seem to remedy. And if you look closely at my screenshot the icons are not lined up correctly! :wink: