Modifying xfce4-desktop.xml for terminal

As I am knew to this, and google hasn’t provided an answer…If I were to place a shell command to start a terminal at session startup that is at a specific location and size in xfce4-desktop.xml, will I have embedded it there so that it starts at every log-in?

I was looking at the xfce4-desktop.xml file in the ~/.config/xfce4/desktop/ dir. It seems feasible, but I wanted to get an opinion of someone with more experience. Worst I will do is kill my desktop right?

I know I can remove the xterms window adornments and keep on top, but it’s not the same as having it as a part of the background on my desktop. Thoughts, comments and ideas would be appreciated.

Yep, you can. You also can create a bash script to launch terminal and place an entry in ~/.config/autostart so that it launches on login or boot.

[Desktop Entry]

Ok… Now if I run two commands, so I have two tabs in this area, both with a sudo command, will the authorization be for both of will it prompt me twice? Is there a way to authorize sudo for the app instead of per tab?

My intention is to use the desktop configuration xml file xfce4-desktop.xml to do that for me since it already executes at login. I want to add the following, after backing up the original of course:

<property name=“dterm” type=“application”
value=“sh -c xterm4-terminal --geometry 85x150 --tab -e sudo bash --tab -e sudo -i --hide-borders --hide-scrollbar”/>

Do I have to have the quotes for the shell command? Do I have to use a backslash to tell it is supposed to be a quote for sh -c if I have to have the quotes? And I can use a property under that to indicate position correct?

I was going to place it in the backdrop section for monitor 0 here:

<property name=“backdrop” type=“empty”>
<property name=“screen0” type=“empty”>
<property name=“monitor0” type=“empty”>
<property name=“image-path” type=“string” value="/usr/share/xfce4/backdrops/xubuntu-wallpaper.png"/>
<property name=“image-style” type=“int” value=“5”/>
<property name=“image-show” type=“bool” value=“true”/>

I’m more familiar with xml than bash scripting

You can - or you can open terminal, edit, preferences, General Tab, change scrollbar to "Disabled.

The xml is not bash, so you need to retain xml scripting.

This would be for an “embedded” terminal in backdrop of the xfce4-desktop.xml file that would create a window in front of my wallpaper that cannot move and always be on the desktop. Will probably remove the menus and toolbar as well.

Ah, I see. Sounds ambitious. I like the idea; Please Keep Updating this thread with your progress.
Will the terminal behave as a conky or will it float over all applications?

It will not be on top… Or movable. It’s always one of the first places I go when I log in… I’d like it to be open and waiting for me.

Being that you could make it always on top that would be an option… Not good if your watching a video though

This is what I was thinking, too.
It’s why I asked. :wink:

Ok…i attempted a shell script from xml… that’s not happening. I attempted to launch the script using the template you provided, didn’t work either. I changed the property tag to action and still no go. The directory and file are both changed to executable and that directory is in my $PATH, still nothing. Can’t invoke at the terminal either, any ideas

The template I provided above was a desktop entry for the Autostart - not a bash script Terminal Launcher.
A bash to launch xfce4-terminal may be like this:

Exec=xfce4-terminal -H -e “bash -c “cd $(dirname %k) && pwd””

Modify values as needed.