MongoDB installation problem in Zorin core 16.3

I am unable to install mongoDB community server (6.0.8) as it says my libc6 is not updated and i have reading messing up this package ruins device stability so what do i do? it also mentions that libssl3is not installed either.

I have also tried installing older versions of mongoDB and they do get installed but never gets activated and always shows activation failed.

How exactly are you installing it? I just tried myself and it works fine, even though it's true that the minimum libc6 version says it's 2.29 and with ZorinOS I only have 2.31. I also see no reference to SSL3, where did you see that?

Make sure you select the proper binary when downloading it, as there are several different versions. You need to select the one that says Ubuntu 20.04 as ZorinOS 16 is based on that.


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