Monitor has colored line at top

Hey, Guys! I'm new here and i have a problem with my monitor. There's a pink line on the top of the screen. I think that it can be something about the BIOS. Could anyone help me?

I'd suggest exploring Graphics drivers first. What Graphics card or cards are you using?


Welcome to the forum. I hope we can be of help.

I agree with @Aravisian -- the problem is almost certainly something to do with (a) your graphics card, (b) faulty cables/connectors, or (c) your monitor. It is very unlikely that a your computer's BIOS could/would create the problem.

A few questions to help us help you:

(1) What make and model is your computer?
(2) What is the make and model of your monitor (if your computer is a desktop or your monitor is an external monitor hooked up to a laptop)?
(3) What graphics card or cards are you using?
(4) If your computer is a desktop or the monitor is hooked up to your laptop as an external monitor, do you have another computer or monitor that you can you hook up for testing?

And a final, important question: When did the problem occur? Did the monitor work fine before with other distros, but showed up after installing Zorin? Did the monitor work fine before but showed up after a recent update? You know the drill -- what happened right before the problem showed up?


Thanks for all the support.

(1) It's a laptop. The model is Inspiron 5557.
(2) It's a laptop. I don't use an external monitor, but I tested with my TV using HDMI.
(3) It's a Nvidia Geforce 930 M
(4) I've tested with an external monitor and the pink line disappeared. Instead of the line, now there's a kind of a line that reflects (if I put the mouse pointer over there, the line shows its reflection). I don't know if it's normal.

I was a windows user and finally I could come to linux. The pink line was there at windows and now it still at linux. I guess that was some upgrade that I probably did. But It's strange, because I install Zorin 16 and it erased all the computer. That's why I thought that it might be something about the bios.

Thanks again for all the support.

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Would you run Dell's LCD Built-in Self-Test? The test should detect issues with the LCD screen or the connections to the LCD.

Please let me know the results. I suspect that a call to Dell Support is in your future. Unless the BIST comes in clean, it sounds like your LCD might have bad connectors and/or the LCD's controller is failing.

It might also be a good idea to run Dell's ePSA pre-boot diagnostics. ePSA will test all of the hardware on the computer, including the graphics card. To run ePSA, F12 repeatedly during boot. When you get to the Dell Logo, you should see a blue line and then get to a menu. Scroll down and run "Diagnostics". That will start the ePSA.

Run the "short" version. If you get an error code, write it down. Dell support will need it to help.


I run Dell's LCD built-in self-test and there's no issues. I also run Dell's ePSA pre-boot diagnostics and there was no problem as well (Only my battery health). Well, i really appreciate all support. Thank you so much.

The issue was present on Windows, as well?

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I'm going to suggest something that will sound really nuts.

Would you take your thumbs and press them on either side of the screen at the point where the pink line appears (your fingers on the back of the case). Gradually increase the pressure and see if the line disappears. If it does, the connectors for the LCD screen are loose (pressing at the connection point might reconnect them).

Don't be a gorilla about it, but gradually increase the pressure until you are pressing reasonably firmly.

I know that this sounds nuts, but I mention it because I have a friend with a laptop that gets a horizontal line on his screen every so often (his is green, not pink) and pressing on either end of the line solves it until it gets loose again.

Other than that, all I can suggest is a call to Dell Support.

Since you had the problem with Windows before switching to Zorin, it probably is a hardware rather than a software or driver problem. I see that @Aravisian is working that path, so I'll listen in. He knows a lot and might see something I don't.


Nope. You seem to have it well in hand and everything you suggested is the same as in my head- beyond that, I have nothing.


I did it and it didn't work out haha

Something interesting is that when I was running the tests, the pink line just disappeared. I'm really confused about my laptop.

Lucas, you might do an internet search (for example "lcd pink horizontal line") and see what you find. I'm out of bright ideas (dumb ones, too, for that matter). Something isn't right with that laptop screen, but you knew that ...

If you do find a solution, let us know. I can't think of a reason why the line would disappear during diagnostics, but show up in both Windows and Linux.


Ok! I'll let you know if i find out something. Thanks!