More fingerprint sensor support

I have a (relatively two year old) Samsung device that has a fingerprint sensor, however, I don't think it's compatible with the fingerprint sensor option on Zorin, which is honestly ludicrous. Not that I'm criticising the OS or anything. I know it's incompatible because I couldn't get python-validity to work because of this error:

When I run sudo systemctl status python3-validity. And I've also enabled fingerprint login from sudo pam-auth-update.

Fingerprint reader support is bad because the manufacturers do not make Linux drivers for them. Has nothing to do with Zorin or any other OS.

As the error states, there is no matching device found.

There are plenty of threads on here that if you search the forum, will give you step by step of everything that must be installed before jumping ahead. Sometimes your reader will be recognized sometimes it won't. If it isn't, there is nothing anyone can do about it since no driver exist for it, the only one who can help you is the manufacturer of the reader.

On a side note: I did manage to get mine working on my Dell... I shut it off 3 days later as the experience of it all was totally underwhelming.

Perhaps another reason why Zorin should consider migrating/including Plasma DE (KDE):

They're adding support for FP readers, it doesn't mean they will have drivers to make it work any better than anyone else though.

Nobody no matter the OS, Distro, or DE can make a fingerprinter reader work if there is no driver for it.

But I agree that Zorin should move away from Gnome, though I prefer Cinnamon.. :grinning:

They should also move toward Debian and dump Ubuntu while they're at it.

I think they do have fingerprint drivers but they're for Windows and I don't know if you are able to install windows drivers on Linux.

What I don't understand is why most developers develop things for Windows and ONLY Windows.

You can't.

It comes down to market-share mostly.

I guess that's true. Windows is the most common operating system used. But if developers developed things for other operating systems, like Linux, they would be able to reach more people. If you know what I mean.

I agree about the Debian statement but not about Cinnamon as you can't remove Pulse Audio from Cinnamon, or SystemD - I think Devuan derivative is the way forward!

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