More options to snap windows to screen areas for ultrawide screens

Hello everyone, is there a feature planned to support more areas to snap windows to? Currently there are only 2 and resizing 6 windows manually on my ultrawide is so damn tedious :confused: If there is no such feature can anyone recommend a good software that does not require to install 5 other packages?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Are you looking for something like this?

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With this tool I get 4 Zones, which is better than 2. I would like to have 6 to 8 though...

I think some people uses Pop shell to add tiling function.
But I do not use it myself.
I hope other volunteers pitch in to help you.

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I really dont get how such a basic feature does not already exist by default in gnome...

Tiling is the one function I do not use myself.
I hope some volunteers are more capable to help you out.

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I myself don't use tiling but, watching the second video from the link provided by FrenchPress - HOW TO install Pop OS Shell on Zorin 16 - shows tiling for more then 4 zones.

Perhaps studying these videos will show you the way for installing this function.


Dear Bunny, had to try it for myself,
because I sometimes add my mini PC to a 4K TV screen, wanted to see what it looks like.

Installed the tiling option with the help of the provided link. It's now available through the gnome-tweaks app and also shown on my taskbar.

I'm able to tile more than 4 windows. Have to figure how to use the short key, but watching the video this can't be difficult.

PS, because the instructions starts with choosing a different layout, I made a copy of my "~/.config/dconf/user" file, just in case.
This because I remembered while theming the other layouts my previous were set to default.

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