Mount 2nd drive

i have a acer aspire 3, i have installed zorin onto a m.2 drive, my issue is i have also installed a ssd wd 500 drive, as a storage drive, however even though the drive is set to auto mount , it sometime does and mostly doesnt, if i boot up iyt doesnt show up, if i close the lid for 30 seconds then open up it mostly then shows, it always shows in the bios, when it wont mount it doestnt show under disks. any help would br great thank you gary

I suspect the cable and/or a BIOS setting for the drive. By the latter, I understand that it shows in BIOS but there may be some BIOS setting that is interfering with its performance in the OS. But most likely it is the cable (SATA, USB, whatever is used).
If it is an external drive, you can try automount - Automatically mounting USB drives on boot - Ask Ubuntu