Mouse Copy Paste weird issues

Hi All Pronouns
I am having weird issues with copy paste in Zorin. I find it difficult to easily select words and copy. I find getting all the word difficult and when i miss and try to deselect i have significant issues i must refresh page a lot of the time. I know it sounds weird, but it is annoying

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I seem to have similar trouble - on all browsers. It seems like it likes to Auto-Highlight what I am not trying to highlight.
Can you clarify a few things, please:

  • Do you have the same issue on all applications including text editor and input entry widgets?
  • Does it seem like the mouse cursor is moving too fast?
  • Are you using a gaming mouse, trackball or otherwise unusual mouse?

In text editors it is easier to select by keyboard. Place the cursor at the beginning or end of the word(s) you want to copy. Press ctrl + shift + arrow in the direction you want to go. Shift will highlight contiguously, ctrl will do it by word.

It's a little trickier in browsers, but works under the same premise. Select the end/ beginning portion of what you want to copy. Use the same key combination and it will select the entire word you're in as well as whatever is next to it as long as you keep hitting the arrow while holding ctrl + shift.

You can double click a word to highlight it. You can triple click for an entire line.

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I think i found the culprit it was Edge menu suggester when you select a word it has several functions like copy and lookup on bing but it never showed due to my colour scheme i turned it off now:)

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