Mouse middle click generate random number or word

i dont know why or how it is possible, but when I click middle button mouse it generates random number or random word, I think the problem occurs when I am using figma on firefox but still not sure

just found out it's not about figma, middle click acts like ctrl + v, it paste what i copied, how is it possible ?

There are many possibilities for middle click action that is customizable in the settings under mouse or TouchPad. It can act as the back button, context menu, open specific apps... I'm under the impression you were trying to perform a scroll lock to traverse a page? You can change it to do nothing or something else in the settings (core version).

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i dont find the menu to disable it

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Can you install Tweaks

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Then, select “Keyboard & Mouse” and turn “Middle Click Paste” to “off.

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