Mousepointer - size and color

The "open as root" may need to be installed- not coming with default.

sudo apt install nautilus-admin

Once that is installed, you should then have the "Open as root" option on right click.

In Nautilus File Manager (Files), click "Other Locations" in the left pane.
In the right pane, click "computer"
That will take you to Root. From here, you can find /usr and follow the tree.

This is a ONE step at a time undertaking . . . I did install the nautilus-admin, did right click downloaded file - Open as Administrator, which took me to DMZ-Red folder. Copied, but when I clicked on Other locations -> Computer -> Usr -> share -> icons I could not Paste the copy into that folder. Got this error message -

Folder DMZ-Red cannot be copied because you do not have permissions to create it in the destination.

What now?

This above should have caused this below to not appear:

I am not sure why... Maybe a reboot was needed after installing nautilus-admin.

You can also open from root by elevating the terminal to Root:

sudo -i

Then launch the file manager:


Getting a bit scared now - did the (sudo -i) command and after password did (nautilus) which came back -

** (org.gnome.Nautilus:3261) ** WARNING ** : 12:35:46.030 Unable to get contents of the bookmarks file: Error opening file/root/.gtk-bookmarks: No such file or directory

PS I have been restarting after terminal commands

Nothing to worry about, harmless warning.

Now my laptop seems to be 'delayed' and browsing in Files shows different options. Am I (stuck) in 'admin'?


killall nautilus

then start it up again

When I did killall nautilus the response was

nautilus: no process found

Restarted computer and no change. Still can't copy/paste the downloaded folder into /usr/share/icons.

My head is now not thinking straight. I'm going to leave this for later. Thanks for all help.

Never used admin nautilus. You could

cd <distionation of folder>
sudo cp -r <folder> /usr/share/icons

I've done this on Gnome 43 by placing the iconset under ~/.icons and it was automatically detected by Gnome Tweaks.

You can see the cursor I'm using here in green, next to the setting:

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This is where KDE (Plasma) excels over Gnome DE:

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I also use Cinnamon DE on Zorin 16.2 Pro ..... what I did was go to the Pling website and download some different cursor icons that I liked ..... ......

Just go there and choose the Cinnamon DE from the left hand menu then choose cursor .... icons ..... themes and wallpapers .... you'll spend many happy hours customizing you Cinnamon DE ..... also check out the various themes and icon sets that Storm and Aravisian have made .....

That maybe getting a little ahead of ourselves as you are only looking for a cursor setting now ..... but will be tons of fun later on ......

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As noted by @Storm , this is harmless. What it means is that you moved the directory for File Manager into Root, but your gtk-bookmarks are not saved in Root - they are saved in ~Home. Since it could not find them (being in Root instead of Home), it reported that it could not find them.

You may be using a Local theme instead of a system theme...

No, you should be able to close the active windows; then launching the file manager will default back to the user directory and permissions. If this does not happen, a minimized active window may be the cause.

No change in which regard?

If you rebooted, then you are no longer activating the file manager with root privileges. In order to perform actions in Root, you must elevate to Root.

This is a perfectly viable option, too.


First I want to say how very grateful I am to all who have been so gracious with their assistance. This forum is truly a most remarkable collection of knowledgeable people! Yet the sad fact is that I have never been, nor ever likely to be, anywhere near as knowledgeable and capable as you all are.

I am now a bit confused and pulling back on this 'quest' to have my mouse pointer as it was. I am very happy that Aravisian helped me to increase its size, but pushing to have it red as well seems to have opened a can of worms that I am not ready to deal with. So I will mark this closed (so many deserve the Solution check!). Again, thanks everyone.

PS this seems to be an example of hurdles that all Linux 'flavors' face when it comes to challenging dominate Apple and Microsoft.

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Reading back through this thread (from post #7), did Jain actually achieve installation of Cinnamon DE, or did something go adrift at that point?
I'm wondering if that is creating a problem.

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You sound like me. Which creates a certain discrepancy; as you just called me a knowledgeable person.


I'm not really interested in having a D E if I'm not going to use it. If my laptop continues to act wonky I'll buck up and track that down.

A thought occur ed to me - as I tried to download the 'red' color into the icons folder I noticed that there was already a 'Zorin' Red (light and dark) in that folder. I wonder about if the cursor (mouse pointer) couldn't have an option to select 'color' from what is already available? Surely only black and white (with black outline) aren't the only colors?

Those are icons. not cursors.

As for cursors, KDE is much cooler than Gnome.

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That's a statement with modifications. It's all about personal preferences.

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