Move SSD to new Hardware and intel UHD 630 compability

i want to buy new PC to change my old laptop. configuration is i7 10700K with internal VGA intel UHD 630 and using motherboart msi b460m. can i move my SSD to my PC Without re install zorin. if can what a step i must do ?

is intel UHD 630 supported by zorin and can multi display ?

That is iffy. It depends on the differences in hardware and how it may conflict with your configuration settings. It MIGHT work. It might not work. It might somewhat work and crash later.
I would strongly suggest doing a full back up before trying it- but it is worth a shot.

ok thank tor aravisian. i will try

You can insert but if it is not able to support, then you may face a lot of trouble. Therefore, my suggestion would be that you can backup your data. And one should take suggestions from a hardware engineer. So, you don’t have much problem.