Multiple Installation Problems

I am trying to dual boot Zorin OS 16 Core with Windows 10. The first major problem is that Zorin does not recognize my Windows 10 operating system at all, and if I try to install it using 'Other' option, the unallocated space gets marked as 'unusable' instead of 'free space'. I have disabled fast boot. I have disabled fast startup. My installation medium(USB) works properly. I have Bitlocker off. I have disabled secure boot. I used 'Try or Install Zorin OS(Modern Nvidia Drivers)' option as I have Nvidia graphics card. I have attached my disk management screenshot. Thanks in advance for assistance.

Are you using nVME or eMMC SSD?

Your drive is set up in mbr, while your zorin is attempting to install to gpt. Go into bios and check if legacy mode is enabled. You may have to reinstall windows in the gpt manner to dual boot then. Mbr and gpt are different technologies completely and don't play well together.

Delete the partition of the new volume since Zorin should be installed to ext4 file system. This will change it to unallocated (it has a drive letter so it has a partition). Create the basic partition in the live image as ext4 format. The unallocated has the system reserved flag set, meaning it was probably part of a recovery partition. Formatting that area, after disabling system recovery in windows first, will allow you to reclaim this space. This is pointless though until the gpt/mbr situation is resolved.

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