Multiple usb displays stop working with Kernel 6.5.0-14 in Zorin 17 pro

the last update pushes kernel 6.5.0-14 to Zorin 17 pro. Laptop display works fine with new kernel. However, with one additional USB monitor, attempting to apply display placement change in the display settings results in a system hang (have to hold power button to recover). Attaching the second USB monitor, dmesg shows it was recognized, but the screen never activates.
rebooted to kernel 6.2.0-39 and all is fine. Let me know if you need more info.

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@wfinley, is your intention to find a resolution or to submit this as a bug report?
If a bug report; we can move this to Feedback.

It sounds as though you applied the solution we would have suggested.

sorry, please move this to feedback as I'd like to run on the updated kernel once it is working. :smile:

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just to follow up and close this thread, multiple usb displays are working with Kernel 6.5.0-15 in Zorin 17 pro. Tested on a Dell 7670 and a Dell 3571.

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