My computer went south | All well and good now!

The next couple og Weeks I'm disable from the community and my Work in with themes. This afternoon when I turn the computer on, No activity from the computer. I did noticed a weird humming from the powers box, so my Guess is that it's broken. This weekend my dad will run some measurement test through the different parts. He has a master in engineering and computer techs, so he have the right instruments to do so.

This message was written om my mobile with and annoying auto-corrector :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry to hear that. I hope my message re back-up was not a bad omen for you:

Power Supply Units tend to be a weak link in desktop boxes according to my experience. Hopefully the problem is confined there and your dad can trace the problem and get it fixed for you.

Treat this downtime as a positive thing and go and do something completely diffferent for a couple of days whilst we still have a Summer (in theory :umbrella:)


Best of luck getting your PC back up and running.

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Thanks Guys.
On the Bright side, my cat enjoy to have the computer chair for him self, now that I don't use it.

Today i'll drive to my mom and dad with my computer and we are going to diagnostik it. While there is coffee and cake on the tablet.


I got a borrow laptop and old one in the meantime with Windows 8 and eOS. At this moment I'm downloading Zorin OS 16 to replace both systems.

It's a Packard Bell quad core Intel celeron
500 GB HDD
Intel graphic card of some kind

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Hmmm, isn't that x86? How did you install eOS on x86? :smiley: I'm very curious.

It's actual a 64bit.

But I mean the CPU architecture. eOS and android are meant for CPUs with ARM architecture. That'd why I was curious. Are you sure it was eOS or was it just Android x86?

Ah, when I wrote eOSI meant elementary OS :slight_smile:

Ohhhhhhhhhhh I get it now :smiley: :smiley:

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So far the video card and power supply works as the should. We have measure the power to the different part, but as it looks now, it may be a malfunction motherboard.

I assume you have checked all the plug-in connectors, edge connectors chip carriers (if any) for poor or dirty connections. As your dad is an engineer then that would be on his diagnosis list. Sad if problem is outside PSU and as far as the motherboard. Let us know the outcome.
Good to hear you now have Zorin on a loan laptop and are back up and running of sorts.

Everything will be checked :slight_smile:

It's slow, but my brother say I can get the super laptop I gave him as present back until I got Desktop up running.

There's a beast in my home that enjoys my absence from the computer chair a little bitt to much...


So now you need a new PC and a new chair. As it looks like you won't be getting that one back without a fight :pouting_cat:

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Pets deserve their toys, they put up with us... lol

Good news! I'll get my super computer back this afternoon. It was the power supply that broke. What a relief it wasn't one of the expensive parts.


Good news for you. Bad news for cat.

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The cat is on the cold toilet floor these days. Denmark is stroke by a wave of heat, it's unbearable to sleep at night. :confused:
but that won't spoil the overjoy of getting my computer back :slight_smile:

So you will be back in the Hot Seat, literally.
I really thought you were going to have a big fight with your cat over ownership of your chair.
Another PSU failure clocked up. No surprise to me.