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Seriously I don't need an antivirus?
Is it Secure ?
can i do online banking without any worry?
how i check i am secure my machine is not affected with any malware ?

Just enable the Firewall and you a good to go.


Linux, unlike microsoft, sandboxes all user programs. This makes it inherently secure because they cannot access elevated privileges without asking for permission. I would hope that you know not to put your user password in unless it's something you initiated. As you use and learn Linux you will come to recognize what needs root privilege and what is fine running limited. Question any security dialog that didn't appear after you typed a command or double clicked a shortcut. Along with the default settings on the firewall, the only person that can compromise your system is YOU.

Your system security is not the same as Internet or Web Security.

While your system may have zero malware and rock solid security, if you click a link that redirects you to a Scam Page and you enter in personal information- your security is compromised.
Yes, you can do Online Banking - with the usual caveats of how you do anything securely online.
There is anti-virus software available for Linux. RKHunter, ESET and ClamAV are well known ones. These can check your system. Embedded Malware in Linux is very rare, as pointed out above.

seriously i don't need to set any rule just enable firewall ?

can you suggest me which antinvirus is best for zorin os?

I cannot with any degree of sincerity since I do not use any of them. I used ClamAV for a while, before I felt it took up space and resources for no real justifiable reason.
I hear a lot of good things about RKHunter and have never heard complaints - and it is small and lightweight. I cannot personally vouch for its performance.

While this is directed to @storm, I may add to Storms answer here:
Generally, people don't need to set any rules. UFW can be initiated without need of User Configuration.
On Zorin, we are using UFW or Uncomplicated FireWall.
Enabling the firewall denies incoming connections; so you would need to set up a rule for a particular piece of software that you need. An example would be KDEConnect, which I use instead of Zorin Connect (because Zorin Connect is for Gnome and I am using XFCE). I needed to allow Incoming on that application.
So you may need to set rules if some software you use needs them.

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The subject of security and malware is also discussed here: Security question - #8 by zabadabadoo

Maybe read the whole of that thread, not just my post, if you are interested.

Edit: Also see: Antivirus software


its means you have trust on zorin.It is 100% secure,thats answer i need it ,and thank you everyone .

out of the box question :
why do you use XFCE?Is there any specific reason?

There are many specific reasons.

  • XFCE is currently highly configurable, out of the box. You do not have to add Gnome-Extensions just to get things to work as expected. It is easy to find settings and to understand.
  • XFCE is Fast and Lightweight and works well on New machines and older machines alike.
  • XFCE has excellent community support. There are few Gnome-centric Help Forums but many XFCE help forums; devoted to XFCE across multiple distros.
  • XFCE is easy to troubleshoot and find answers for. You can observe how often Zorin Core (Gnome) questions are asked on this forum (Often) and how often Zorin Lite questions (XFCE) are asked here (Infrequently).
  • XFCE supports applications better across many builds than Gnome does; where Gnome tries to force any application to fit their mantra.
  • XFCE is more supportive (currently) than any Gnome based desktop in Theming and customization which is very important to me. If I must spend many hours staring at a screen, I like to be able to enjoy what I see. Flat, bland, dreary desktops make the work flat, bland and dreary.
  • I...HATE Gnome. It barely works. Extensions often break the system. And the only reason extenstions exist is because Gnome removes critical features of the Desktop, so users and developers step in to fill the gaps. This allows Gnome to drop support of key features of its desktop onto others while gaining recognition for the working desktop. It only works because outside developers kindly fix it. Look at how ZorinGroup patched Gnome to actually nominally work on Zorin OS. Gnome D.E. is difficult to troubleshoot. The developers have deliberately broken functionality in order to push their Mission Statement (Their stakeholders had to make them sign a pledge to stop the antics, which they break every chance they get). Gnome has tried to Leave the GNU General License which was its birthplace. Gnome is user-unfriendly, baulky, resource heavy without reward and a clone of Microsoft mentality trying to Control and OWN the desktop and the user instead of the User Owning and controlling their desktop. I cannot put enough venom into my words to adequately express how much I abhor everything Gnome stands for and has become. I would rather install Microsoft and switch back to Windows than ever be forced to use Gnome. Microsoft is less controlling than Gnome is. Gnome is the enemy within Linux and its damage will be long-lasting.

Sadly; the XFCE developers have begun to transition toward adopting more and more Gnomish practices. XFCE4.16 uses csd's and while this can be disabled with gtk3-nocsd, leaving XFCE much as it was before; I suspect that in future, XFCE will become a Gnome Clone. Due to XFCE reliance on Gnome Applications and the heavy workload and few XFCE dev's, the XFCE maintainers are under very heavy pressure to adopt Gnome principles instead of resisting them. About a year ago, I started a project of forking XFCE to XFEX but I have yet much to learn before I can complete that.


You are seriously hater of gnome and i have no words to express your feelings .
I like gnome the main reason is ,it is easy to use with minimum user interface and i think gnome is user friendly (in my point of view)
and XFCE Have there own benefits.

its not means i disagree with you, but yes XFCE is light if we compare with gnome.

and thanks for share your beautiful feelings about XFCE and Gnome.

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ClamAV is quite good because you can get peace of mind by scanning any suspicious file 0R and folder you may suspect has a problem. I've never found anything.

UFW seems to let most things work out of the box. The only thing that I have found needed special treatment was PLEX.

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