My GRUB has been replaced by Ubuntu 21.04 GRUB, how to revert?

I was doing distro hopping. I tested many distros and the last one was Ubuntu 21.04, where, at installation, I checked to install the boot loader on the entire disk, instead of just be on the partition that I would install. How can I get the Zorin OS boot loader from before?

It was my carelessness, it didn't happen with the other distros, but it was because of Ubuntu asking for an EFI partition and I was late to create it, and, when selecting the device to be installed the boot loader, I selected /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sdb3 (than I remember).

Can anyone help me with this? A solution? I am going to remove Ubuntu from here, and if I remove it, your grub will go along (I guess) and I will not be able to start Zorin OS anymore. My bootable flashdrive is here with me, so I can use an external recovery tool if applicable (such as grub customizer). It is the first time that I am dealing with this problem. Any help would be most welcome.

From Zorin OS 15.3 Lite**

Edit: plus, if i remove ubuntu and have how to recover the old grub through grub rescue, i think it will be valid.

Most likely, yes.

You might try running in terminal on Zorin OS:

sudo update-grub


sudo grub-install /dev/-Place Your Disk Here-

And update grub again:

sudo update-grub

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