My pc randomly shuts down but only when im playing a game from steam

wait you mean clean from the inside i haven't done that idk how honestly

simple to run games combat master and albion online and on lutris i play assasins creed and story games in general

Yes, from the inside. It's not really as scary as it sounds like but you have to have certain precautions as @Mr_Magoo pointed out in the response above. You may want to check some videos on how this is done for your particular hardware model, just to get some idea what to do, what tools to use, etc.

For example:

NOTE: Quadruple check the vendor and model!

Alternatively, if you don't feel like doing this, you can take it to a repair shop as @Storm has recently done.

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i know how to open it and upgrade hardware but how do i clean it im guessing not with water and soap so idk

Here we reach the ambiguity of the English language, a major sticking point in my profession, as well...

Me: "Did you clean that air handling unit?"

Technician: "I did clean that air handling unit."

Me: { Goes to AHU, it's got mold growing in inaccessible places, the condensate drain is clogged with mung, the coils are loaded with dirt. }

Me: "Show me how you cleaned this AHU."

Technician: { Wipes rag across outside of AHU. }

Me: { sigh }

By 'clean', we mean a 'take it apart, clean it until it's as clean as it was when it was new... no dust anywhere' cleaning.


bro i came to ask a question not to get mocked at if u have nothing else good to say dont say it please

Not mocking, just making an observation that what one person means by 'clean' isn't what another person means by 'clean', and that ambiguity is our fault... we should have specified what we meant when we stated 'clean'.

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ill clean it tonight and respond tommorow after testing
thank you for your help and everyones help in this forum

for clarification clean as in open it and remove all dust

well just saying it look like mocking but i get it its okay

While you've got it open, you might unscrew and unplug the fans, then hold them up close to your ear and spin them with your finger.

If it doesn't spin freely (there might be some magnetic cogging, but it should still spin easily) or the bearings sound rough (you should not hear the bearings at all), then you'll have to replace the fan... it may be that one of the fans has stopped working. If you do have to replace a fan, try to find one that's got magnetic bearings, rather than ball bearings. Avoid any fan that only has bushings, rather than bearings... it'll wear out very quickly unless you can take it apart and pretreat the bushings with WS2 (tungsten disulfide), and even then it won't last near as long as a good ball or magnetic bearing. The best ball bearings have ceramic balls, the cheaper ones have steel balls. Magnetic bearings never wear out, for all intents and purposes.


ok hopefully i just clean it and nothing happens and i dont have to sell my kidney

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ok thanks

Just take your time, watch a few videos and read a few articles on how to do this to build some confidence. Clear your workspace before doing anything, make sure you have all you need, cups to store the screws away so you don't lose them, etc.

Oh, and mandatory disclaimer that we don't take responsibility in case you break something :smiley:


hahahhah yeah dont worry anything happens its my fault

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dont worry ill be sure to sort everything and make a small plan on paper before opening it

Get a magnet off of your refrigerator, drop the screws onto that so you don't lose them.

You'll need a small screwdriver (usually Phillips head)... if you drag the screwdriver across the refrigerator magnet a few dozen times, it'll magnetize, which makes extracting the screws easier... they don't immediately fall off the end of the screwdriver, so you can unscrew and transport the screws over to the refrigerator magnet without having to use your fingers to hold them (that's when I always lose them).

Here's what I use:

That's a tactical flashlight with a very powerful magnet... so powerful that the screwdriver stands upright on its own.

If you have spinning-rust drives (rather than SSD drives), keep the magnet away from the drive. The weak magnetization of the screwdriver shouldn't be enough to affect the drive, but a proper magnet definitely will.


ok thanks

That's pretty clever, I'll try it next time which should be sometime soon as I haven't cleaned my machines in a while either :smiley:



turn out the screw my laptop use i dont have a screwdriver for them so this week i will meet up with a friend who will give me the screwdriver and ill clean it then hopefully the laptop doesnt explode by then

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