My Zorin Forum Retirement Notice

Hey everyone,

I have a very important announcement to make with you all. At the end of this year, I will be retiring from the Zorin Forum. After a year and a half of being a member, it's time for me to descend Mt. Zorin and move on to something else.

Why I'm retiring

I have decided to retire because I feel that I'm no longer fit to participate in the community here as I'm slowly becoming inactive by not participating in discussions, etc. Furthermore, I have spoke up about an opinion.

What will happen

At the end of this year, I will be deleting my Zorin Forum account. This means that you may not see my posts, topics, tutorials and contributions anymore.

My final(ish) words

During my time in Mt. Zorin, I have been met with members that have been helpful and kind to me. I've had ups and downs, I've made a fool of myself and I've been humiliated. But most of the members here never gave up on me, even though I felt like they did. I've also learned to believe in myself and find my own way to live my life and I'm eternally grateful for that. Retiring from the forum is a tough decision to make and I will miss this moment, but this is something I must do.

I want to thank @Aravisian, @Storm, @swarfendor437, @Bourne, @337harvey, @Ocka, @Hackgets, @Luca_Pavan, @AhavaLeaf, @Sorro, Frog, zenzen and others for making my stay on the forum possible as well as AZorin and zorink for making such a wonderful Linux distribution. (I can only mention 10 people at a time).

Thank you for believing in me.


First, I must point out that this thread can be unlisted should it result in a different outcome than the O.P. states.

Fitness does not require participation, nor does it require knowledge of Linux.
You are a part of a community. And frankly, you have been a source more times than I can count of reminding me and us of our humanity.

As have I. Many times. I suspect that this is a part of life that is ongoing; that learning experience in which we must make mistakes from time to time in order to direct us to a path of growth and development.

I think that this would be a loss for the community and the forum.
While you have the right to do so; might I ask you to consider some other options?

  • You can leave your posts intact or have them made anonymous.
  • You can end your active participation but leave your account and posts intact.
  • You could stop all this foolishness and stick around. :wink:

Perhaps someday, you may wish to partake in the forum, again. It would be handy if your account was ready and waiting for you.



I appreciate your support and your concern, but after careful consideration, none of these options work out for me. I understand that my departure will for sure affect the community and the Zorin Forum in a negative way and I apologise if it causes any inconvenience. As I said earlier, it's simply time for me to move on.

I hope you understand and respect my decision. I have genuinely enjoyed being part of the community and interacting with other members.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Of course. The decision is yours.

If you are willing, perhaps you can review any tutorials you have created that another member can duplicate.

Yes, it may be that some threads that have your posts removed may make less sense in certain points. But if your decision reflects a healthy step for you; then I believe that is what matters most.


Definitely this one for Zorin 17!

Ok. if you find any others, please add them here. We have some time.

I respect your decision, but I also wish you'd reconsider. The way I see it, the beauty of online communities is that people can come and go as they please. There's no pressure from the community, boss or some algorithm to force people engagement high for the sake of imaginary internet points. Maybe that's all you need, just take a break.
Sometimes I also don't feel like posting anything, so I don't. I don't think it's rude or anything... it's just how forums work!

But regardless of what you decide, thanks for sticking around for as long as you have. It's always a pleasure to be around people who care enough to be willing to be help, learn and be wrong. What can I say, if you don't make a fool of yourself every once in a while then you haven't lived!


I occasional takes breaks from the forum when I suffer from forum fatigue :slight_smile:


I can relate to that Storm. Going back many years now there were only 3 core moderators, Wolman, madvinegar, and yours truly. The biggest element of the job for me then was wading through members and checking their ID against records kept by Wolfman was a great all rounder, madvinegar was brilliant on wifi drivers (and is an XDA developer). There was a time when Wolfman was ill and some varmints posted he was dead whilst others posted spurious terminal commands that would have wiped the drives clean.


About delete account - it is something what never back. You can stay here offline or if your life have another ideas that is ok. I understable.
That means when new version Zorin will be on earth that means you don't tried and don't back or creating new account?
I have some accounts on another linux distribution but I don't delete them.
Everyone can taken a choice and if you want delete account I understable about privacy and another things.
I could also delete here account, because mostly this is a support forum.


Heyyyyyy @Turtle11 sending all the love. Thanks for being a gem, you're absence will be felt by myself and many others but never forgotten that i can guarantee. I respect your choice to leave and want you to know I appreciate you, always. :heart:


I believe that this community is not run on an authoritarian basis where status is determined by how much you contribute. Anyway, the door here is always open. :wink:


I believe on the idea of letting the account despite leaving the forum, too. As much as I could help, a lot or a little, I'd leave mine open even if I'd be trying another distro, I can still check the forum and help anyway. Knowing that my posts might help or have helped some users is my reason for not even considering deleting my account. And the feeling to no longer fit the forum purpose or simply help in some way is just… a feeling, an “illusion”. I didn't post much recently, too, I just “wait the proper moment”. I mean, I just reply on posts where I can really say something meaningful :smile:, while I don't interact at all on those where I don't know anything, like for example posts about VMs or changing system parameters and values :grimacing:.

Turtle11, best wishes, for everything :hugs::smiling_face_with_tear:.


I have often felt this way.

Several other members have expressed to me how often that they feel this way (You know who you are).

I think this really is fundamental to the human condition. Fitting in, feeling like you belong, or rebelling in anxiety and fear that you cannot. Just about every story carries this message in it.

Which, when you really think about it... is probably the greatest thing ever. Because not fitting in is exactly what some of us need to do.
I might join an Arch Linux forum and try to fit in by presenting statements like "If you cannot even do this in terminal, you should not be using Linux."
I do not fit in because I do not believe in that.

Looking over this thread, I see multiple members that are the Misfits.

The only island of stability in this thread is Zenzen. And he would probably bust up laughing at the very idea.

What a motley crew.

What a great crowd.


Heh, you know I believe in GUIs :smirk:. Not only because I can perform actions easily, also because I can do relatively less damage to the system or no damage at all with a GUI with predefined and limited actions rather than using the terminal and making a catastrophic error :grimacing:.


I am afraid that a strong sense of belonging to a community may lead to misjudgement. I belong to the community to live, not live to belong to the community. So I support communities where doors are always open.


@Turtle11 we will respect any decision you make regarding your account. I do want you to really consider your choices. Just because life changes or deviates from what you expect, doesn't mean you have to burn bridges to move on (and I am not saying that you are, as we will always welcome you back). So what if your account is idle.

How many times has people noticed the intermittent activity that I provide here, and I am a moderator. While a few key individuals are kept abreast of what is occurring, It doesn't mean that I am incapable of participating, or performing my moderator duties. This is how it is right now, with little ability to modify it in the foreseeable future.

It is accepted because there is no requirement to attend daily, weekly or any specific amount of time. While I am here, I must conduct myself according to the role appointed to me, but otherwise, I am free to come and go without restriction.

You too have this freedom, which will not interfere with whatever you have going on that prompted your questioning participation or membership. Whatever you do with this account, you will still be a member of a community that cares and supports you in all of your endeavors. The future is fickle, uncertain, and in preparation for such uncertainty, it may be prudent to reconsider and leave the account intact. No one knows what will occur, but the option to return and ask questions, read threads and possibly help if it is in your interest can not hurt anything, nor does it require you to participate. I often read more than I comment or enact my moderator duties.

It's no different than completely deleting your facebook, twitter or other social media accounts, more like moving to another state. It's a big decision. All have their own ramifications. Some are good, some not so much...but something that should be seriously considered (I'm sure you have gone over this much in your head).

Whatever you choose, we enjoy your company, insight and thoughts on many things. Hopefully you consider this as much as your life's direction. Not trying to force any reconsideration, rather bringing some things you may not have considered to your attention.

You will be missed, if that is what you choose.


I wouldn't go that far, I have my moments :crazy_face:

I also have to say that if you REALLY decide you must move on you WILL be missed by many of us here. I switched to Linux Mint over a year ago. But I still come here nearly every day. I don't post often either unless I see someone with a problem I can help with. My suggestion would be the same as others have posted. Just take a break for as long as you want and then come back when or if you feel like it.

Take care now.


You see, @Turtle11 I can think that I am an old forum Member. Not for the age (I've been in this forum for a big fraction of my life, I am young) but for what I have seen {you can see my reading time is low; I browse two hours EVERYDAY since 2021 with my Kindle, that does not support logging in.)
Members take pauses, I do too. I left the forum for 18 days and came back today, because I am busy with school.
I wouldn't like you to leave completely, think about taking a break.
But if you want to leave, you will be missed.