My zorin lite is too slow

Three days ago, I installed Zorin Lite on my system, expecting it to improve the speed. However, it has actually become slower. My desktop freezes, and applications take a long time to open. Now, I'm thinking of removing Zorin Lite and trying a new lightweight version.

Can you suggest a distribution that is suitable for lower-end users? I need it for coding, and I face a lot of problems when opening VS Code and other applications.

this is the specifications of my system :-

plese have a look at my specifications and then suggest

I have 8GB of RAM, and my processor is Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G620 @ 2.60GHz.
64 bit

Some distributions I've got good results with on a much more underpowered computer than yours, according to this benchmark comparison:


There may be a hardware problem that is creating a performance bottleneck. Monitoring CPU, storage and memory can help to resolve the problem.

Also, even if the OS is lightweight, if the hardware does not meet the specifications required by the application, it will not run comfortably.

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i'm using zorin lite , it's fast and light, my ram is 6gig, and i have old pc.
i think u have a problem in that version, i suggest to reinstall it again.
may be u didn't have free space in the filesystem, may be u play a game that need 8 gig ram which take all the ram and when u close it , the pc work slow until release the ram from the game

no i don't play any games on this sytem because i have no graphic card.. i only use this system for doing coding on vscode nothing else...

even for installing any linux os it is taking 4hrs to install!!! ...4hrs for what?!!
and my hard disk is not full because i have formatted it and partitioned it for installing zorin lite or any other lite versions...
and while installing why is it removing everything releated to amd64 because my system support 64bit, is it because i have intel chip??

i don't know why it is slow because of this reason i bought 8gb ram and still i have this problem... can you help me with this?..
i only use this system for doing coding and watch YouTube on firefox.. i cant even any application on it!! it is damn slow

This combined with slow performance both point toward the Hard Drive or the Hard Drive cable.
The data is not transferring to or from the drive properly.

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so what is the solution? should i change hard drive cable or hard drive? and how would i know that my hard drive is faulty?..

i can change cable Easley but hard disk can be tough because this is my 2nd hard drive that i have installed 2 to 3 yrs ago

if ur hard drive work good with windows or others distro, in this case ur hard drive is not faulty. if u have cable u can try it . i think there r tools that check hard drive health, i don't know may others suggest it, i think that tool may help to check:
sudo apt install smartmontools
sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda

You can try to disassemble and clean all the dust with a can of compressed air, and use cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol to (carefully) clean all the contacts.

In any case what you are experiencing is definitely not normal and it's likely a hardware problem somewhere.

now im getting this

what is this error?

Input/output error on sda - Hard Drive
Means there was a failure to communicate with the drive.

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I know some are recommending to clean contacts but as someone who owned a computer/phone repair shop I can tell you the vast vast majority of the time the issue is going to be the drive itself is bad.

I would recommend replacing it with a SATA SSD and chances are your problems will go away. (They are pretty inexpensive these days)

I never gave it too much credit but cleaning contacts has worked surprisingly well for me. Not always though, but I've managed to save many pictures thanks to this little trick.

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I could definitely see it helping out a drive on its last legs in a situation like that. Helps to give it every advantage that you can.

It's just low hanging fruit, takes two minutes to try and you don't even have to reassemble the chasis or drive case to test if it works. So, I always try this one first :smiley:


As with many things it depends lol, I have seen that cleaning contacts helps more often where people are smokers / vapers as the residue / chemicals permeate everywhere and can speed up oxidization.

Cables tend to go bad in heat situations and over zealous management (stress on the physical cable) - Dust leading to heat will kill the cables eventually.

@mohitpain the Life expectancy for a mechanical hardrive on average is 3-5 years, and that varies widely, I have a hdd that is from a rig i built in 2010 still kicking strong, and i have had multiple hardrives same and different brand (WD, Seagate Hitachi) last 1 year some 5 one just died and it was 8 (seagate). heat, usage, physical factors such humidity, bumps, motion while in use (laptops) all play a factor. SSD have the benefit of not being as susceptible to these factors, however when they fail they tend to just die outright, and data is often much more difficult to recover it at all

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Adding an SSD to an old PC is the fountain of youth. It's almost miraculous.

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Check if Zorin will be also slowly from pendrive.
Then you know if it will be a problem hdd.
The fast in all test linux is Clear Linux.
You can check if you seeing diffrents.
If you gived me a compare two diffrents linux fast and a normal or a slow also I put a video about why linux is fast propably in section linux news.
The hard disk HDD if you have it taken really slowly installation and everything I know because I have that issue and that is corect installation taken 4 hours.
SSD hard disk could help ypur situation.
The hard disk have 5400rpm and propably cache isn;t huge my WD Western Digital server HDD have 64mb cache but now hard disk newer are faster. Mostly damaged or bad sector are hard disk 2.5" they are died very fast.
SSD could be good ideas the price are down.

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