Nautilus as default FM

I have installed Thunar batch rename and the Thunar FM completely installed on my machine, so it's OK till here, but It's as default file manager, and somehow it is really annoying me. I can't set Nautilus as default.
So I just need a batch renamer like Thunar functionality or make Nautilus as default again :grin: Please help

Batch rename was supposed have been added to Nautilus back in 2019. I read tracker indexer is installed by default to accomplish this. Is there functionality in thunar missing from Nautilus ? What happens when you high-lite a group of files in Nautilus and select rename ?

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Nautilus has Batch-rename if you just select multiple files and hit rename :wink:

Other than that, Thunar's Batch Rename tool comes bundled as part of Thunar AFAIK, so it makes sense it pulled in the entire file manager. What doesn't make sense is how it replaced Nautilus as that isn't easily possible on GNOME (or Zorin Core, specifically)

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Yeah, I know that Nautilus has a batch rename tool, But I need something like, start from specific number that Nautilus rename tool doesn't have but Thunar does.

The below command example will set GNOME Files (nautilus) as the default file manager.

$ xdg-mime default org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop inode/directory

To verify if the change worked, you can run the following command.

$ xdg-mime query default inode/directory




I did that, but it doesn't work, IDK why.Thunar currently is the default FM

Try the following and see if nautilus is presented as an alternative to thunar.
sudo update-alternatives --config thunar

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update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for thunar


Thank you guys, I found another tools, it's somehow better than Thunar batch rename tools, but not as easy as that. anyway, I installed GPRename.


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