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Hello again,

I have a Question about the Entries in Nautilus. On the left Side you have these Categories:

I know, it's german. Form the first to the last:

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I would like to have ''Desktop'' there on the Side. Does anyone know how I can create that? In the Nautilus Settings ist nothing. I looked here in the Forum, on Youtube, on and the dconf-Editor. But I didn't found the right Thing. Can anybody help?

According to this; it should be pretty easy to do:

Nemo FM, when installed on Zorin OS, shows the Desktop selection by default.


Thank You for the Link. The Keyword is ''Bookmark''. Now I don't need to wonder that I didn't found it, haha! I searched with the Words ''Entry'', ''Category'' and ''Directory''.

So, I took a look at the Link and I know this Solution too. The Thing is: When I do it, the Desktop Bookmark is UNDER the Group, but I want it integrated IN the Group. It's a (little) pedantic, I know. But unfortunately this seems not to be not possible.

You mentioned Nemo. I know Nemo from Linux Mint; it's the File Manager from Cinnamon. Do You use it in Zorin (Core/Lite)? When yes: Does it work good or do you have/did you had any Problems?

I use and prefer Nemo FM on Zorin OS and have been using it without any trouble since Zorin OS 12.4

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Okay, thank you. Maybe I should test it.

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Wow, weird, that category is there since the beginning by default, I wonder how it could be not there for you.

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The group of user directories is set in:


Check for existence of:


Be sure it is not commented out. If missing, add the above entry. After logout and login, any change should be made.


It's similar to an issue in Plasma - none of the home folders show in /home until you run the xdg command of:




This is run every time you log in, so log out and log in will automatically apply any changes.

I'm wondering too. But it is how it is.

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Yes, I've read about this Step too and tried it, but this Directory Entry exists in my config File. I have now installed Nemo. There is the Desktop Entry. I try it for a while and see how it works for me. Why it is in Nemo and not in Nautilus ... I don't know. It is how it is. To show you that it is in Nemo (it is the second Entry):

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-12-28 23-10-14

Nautilus has had many functions and features removed over time. Nemo restores them.
Gnome Devs believe that there Desktop should be empty and ignored.
Note that Mobile Devices such as Android have no desktop, at all. Gnome Devs hope to emulate how Mobile devices operate - on a P.C.


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I like Gnome; not Vanilla Gnome, but Gnome with some Extensions (Dash To Panel, Arcmenu, Desktop Icons NG, User Themes). I don't like any Decision they had made in the Past. But the Desktop Environment itself is my personal #1. Others ar not my Thing. I like the subtle Aesthetics and the Menu Structure.

Maybe the Thing with the Desktop Entry is a Bug; that could be a Possibility I think. In this Context I saw an interessting Thing: I don't know, if you see in the ''Share your Desktop'' Threat the new Picture from ''Mr. Icon Man'' Storm with this Ghostrider Theme. There is an open Nautilus Window. And there you can see under the Home Entry the Desktop Entry.

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It is a pity there's no choice left or any tweak to customize it.
Pretty frustrating...

The Gnome Extension for Desktop Icons restores some of this functionality.
Zorin OS includes this restoration with the gnome-shell-extension-zorin-desktop-icons package.
Gnome shell extensions can be a great way to enhance the desktop experience for users. The only downside is that the extensions are not officially recognized, so they can be broken by Gnome updates, or be unable to fully restore functions.
Constant pressure through bug reports is the most effective way to ensure that the Gnome Devs continue to allow the use of extensions.

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