Nautilus extremely slow to open

Zorin 16 Pro - Nautilus extremely slow to open. I didn't have this issue on Zorin 15 Ultimate (same PC). I've searched the forums and found a few posts (that are closed). This post provided a suggested solution. The solution is only temporary. The problem persists.

I installed Nemo and it does the same thing. Any help would be appreciated.


This also affects the file dialogs within apps. For example, if I'm in an app and select "file/open" from the menu the dialog will take a long time to display.

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Could you post the output of inxi -t cm?

ed@ed-Precision-WorkStation-T5500:~$ inxi -t cm
CPU top: 5
1: cpu: 6.9% command: gnome-software pid: 2486
2: cpu: 4.7% command: gnome-terminal-server pid: 130670
3: cpu: 3.7% command: xorg pid: 1686
4: cpu: 3.5% command: gnome-shell pid: 1918
5: cpu: 1.6% command: vivaldi-bin pid: 116551
System RAM: total: 47.04 GiB used: 6.09 GiB (12.9%)
Memory top: 5
1: mem: 2078.7 MiB (4.3%) command: gnome-software pid: 2486
2: mem: 506.1 MiB (1.0%) command: gnome-shell pid: 1918
3: mem: 322.6 MiB (0.6%) command: vivaldi-bin pid: 116551
4: mem: 305.8 MiB (0.6%) command: telegram pid: 108031
5: mem: 251.2 MiB (0.5%) command: vivaldi-bin pid: 107488

Thanks. Nothing else hogging your system.

18.04 - After upgrade to 20.04 Nautilus has become slow - Ask Ubuntu seems similar to what you experience. Do you have Dropbox? Any other extensions?

No Dropbox of any kind on my system. I'll take a look at that link you posted.

I've ran other distros with Gnome and did not have this issue. I'll do some more digging. Thanks.

Well, I followed the steps in the link you shared and it seems to be working now.

However, I also previously uninstalled 'nautilus-share'

So, I'm not sure which one fixed it. I'll re-install 'nautilus-share' tomorrow and see what happens.

Thanks for the help!

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I re-installed 'nautilus-share' this morning and everything is still working as it should, nautilus wise. So, the info in this link solved the problem.


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