Nautilus, Nemo or Thunar?

I have yet another poll for you. Do you prefer to use Nautilus, Nemo or Thunar as a file manager?

  • Nautilus
  • Nemo
  • Thunar

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If I left out a file manager, please let me know.

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Zorin has set up nautilus to be very aesthetically pleasing. I see no reason to switch. The only change I made is to make it one click.


I use Nemo because it's more configurable. It also has multi-tab support built in (F3 on the keyboard), which makes copying/moving between directories a breeze (drag and drop). The look and feel are both what I'm familiar with.


The only thing i wish nautilus would have is the ease of renaming a file/folder. When i double click on a file in windows it allows me to rename that file/folder. When i do that in nautilus nothing happens and i have to press F2 to rename a file.

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Nemo has that, if you double click on the name of the file and not the icon. Remember, nautilus is by gnome, so limited, without extensions or add-ons... just like the DE.

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I can't vote as I use/prefer Dolphin as I run Plasma on Devuan 3.1.1.

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although I voted for Nemo, the file manager (nautilus) on zorin is very pleasing to me.

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