[Nautilus] Remove "Starred & Recently" from sideview?


I was thinking (yea, it happens), is it possible to remove "Starred and Recently" from Nautilus' sidebar?


Not easy, is it? And searching the issue on the net reveals repeated answers that do not work (user-dirs) since a lot of people repeat answers without testing them.
For Recents, this link might help (I would have to bump over to Gnome Desktop to test it):

EDIT: I went ahead and logged into Gnome and tested this. All I needed to do was hit Settings from App Menu > Privacy tab > Switch off File History. It worked. /end EDIT

The trouble is that Gnome and Nautilus developers know that they know better than the user does. Starred is hard coded in. But Hard coded doesn't mean inaccessible; it just means it is not listed in UI settings.

I have tested this and this successfully removed "Starred". Do not add a property line for show-recent as well, since that will not work and will create a critical error, crashing Nautilus.

The first part easy enough. The second part sharks. To think to hide an option like that away from the users :frowning:

Gnomes brand image is its very distinctive Look.

Contained below: off topic gnome-rant.


They aim toward Minimalism - almost a mobile device or Android appearance. Sadly, my own opinion is that in hiding away the tools and the settings to disorganize them on a WorkBench Desktop Environment is very counter productive.
Imagine if someone went into a mechanics shop and reorganized the placement of tools in ways that make no sense. The socket rails in an entirely different place and far away from the ratchets and breaker bars. The box wrenches mixed with general purpose pliers. Eventually, the mechanic would learn where everything is, after much grumbling and stress... but her/his workflow would remain slower and inefficient and he/she would be less happy in her/his working environment.
Tools Organized in complimentary places and in Easy Reach make a phenomenal difference.

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