Need command to check if OS is using open AMDGPU driver or Proprietery RADEON one

GPU used is RX550 4GB by Sapphire... :beers:

Under Software & Updates, what is listed in the Additional Drivers tab?

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Go to software center, search for HARDINFO and install it. Will show up as System Profiler once installed.

That app will tell you everything you need to know about your computer, including the GPU it uses.

Another info app that is good, a bit smaller and lighter is CPU-X.


Hi. I totally forgot about that it is under "Activities Overvies ie All apps"... I was looking under Start menu, how very Microsoft of me? :upside_down_face:

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So first program show driver info? Did not find it in there. It did found my FAN from GPU but it is saying fan is spinning but it is really not. As it have Zero RPM function... I searched for other program but Software center have infinity spinning (searching) icon...

Hello Sky!

When you first enter the Software Center, it begins looking for updates. It usually takes about no longer then 10-seconds. Once completed, it lets you search for stuff after that.

Also, I thought you were asking for info about what GPU you have, HARDINFO will tell you that, as well as CPU-X. If your looking for what driver your GPU is using, if Nvidia, look up Nvidia X Server Settings, and in the app, it will give you that info on the driver tab.

You can also see what driver your GPU is using by looking it up in Additional Drivers.

You can also open from the App Menu; If you have trouble finding any app, you can search for it by typing the app name in the app menu to pull it up.
If you start typing software in the app menu, then Software & Updates will show, along with Software Store and Software Updater...

Is this same as Zorin menu? Coz if press super key and type "Software & Updates" there is 0 results! But if press super+A there is "Software & Updates" ... this is why i left you my previous post... cheers