Need help in editing GRUB theme

I have finally selected a grub theme to try out.
its here:
Tele grub theme
But what I have found here is that zorinos.png is not present (nor zorin.png) in icons.
So is there any problem in adding that. Will grub show the given png.

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What is the icon you are looking for?
Also, the icons used in a Grub Theme are included within the Grub Theme.

icon for zorin os is not there.

If icon for a particular os is not present it will take unknown.png right?

You can properly add your own zorin.png file, It worth the try.

Do you know if image height and width matters. Whether it should be particular

Try open of the exissting in Gimp, it tell you the height and so on.

You'll find the logo here, both raster and vector: Press Kit - Zorin OS

Here, you can resize it to fit.

Actually, just to resize an image, nomacs is much simpler to use than GIMP. It can be installed in Software.


Creating a "zorin.png" file probably will not help you as the icon called has a specific name. This is why I asked what the icon is for.
For example, the Zorin Icon for the icon on the D.E. selector (chooser) is called zorin-desktop_badge.png and for lite is zorin-os-lite_badge.png (Or either can be .svg or other...)
These are not called by the Grub Theme, however, which contains its Own Icons. In /usr/share/grub/themes/zorin/icons

UPDATE: I have put zorin.png and zorinos.png in icons and changed grub.cfg file and had a restart. Now Zorin OS has its image. The one like from press kit (Blue One)

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