Need help installing Linux software on daughter's computer

Dear community,

I gave a Lenovo T480S computer installed with Zorin 16.3 core. I was surprised that in one of her university courses is requesting that students install R-CRAM software: The Comprehensive R Archive Network

She is a psychology student and she will be doing some programming. I do not understand, but this is beside the point.

She is alone to have a Linux based computer and luckily, this software is available for Linux. I have followed the guide on how to install on her computer which is here: Ubuntu Packages For R - Brief Instructions

However, I have no clue on how to start the program. They say that we need to type r in the terminal to start. Does not work.

I checked in the installed applicaitons, I do not see it installed.

Can someome provide some guidance please? I'm lost.

Thank you kindly,


I believe that's capital R:

OMG... it worked!!!

How silly of me. Thank you so much ZenZen.

I'm getting the hang of this.

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No problem! :slight_smile: A famous quote goes like this:

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

Phil Karlton

So yeah, even capital letters can be tricky.

While you are at it you might want to setup an alias so that r and R run the same program. Open a terminal and run:

echo 'alias r=R' >> ~/.bashrc

Make sure you use two angle brackets, that's really important, otherwise you'll overwrite the entire file instead of appending to it.


@zenzen After doing further reading, we need to install R-Studio. I did accomplish it as well.

Do you know what this programing language is? My daughter says that this is for statistical analysis.

Just curious. I'm learning alot.


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I've never used it myself, but my understanding is that it's used for that purpose: statistics, creating charts, etc. I found this FAQ to answer some of those basic questions and satisfy one's curiosity:

R: What is R?

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Thanks. I have some understanding of what it is. Now installed in my computer, i will do it in hers.

I read the instructions that are geared towards Windows and Mac. Thank god that this is native on Linux as well.

I appreciate your help.

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