Need Help with Intel XE Iris Graphics for Zorin 15.3

I have a new Asus Laptop S533EA with Intel XE Iris Graphics and of course it won't Boot up.
If I do the Install on another PC then Move that HDD to the Laptop, it does work.
But Only on the Internal Laptop Screen.
It wont Identify/Detect an External/Second Monitor

Most Linux distrobutions are going to default, to the notebook screen. In order to use your external monitor or TV, you must go into your settings manager.

Just click the Zorin logo at the bottom left of screen, type in settings, then open up settings manager. From there, open up DISPLAY.

Select your external display from the drop down box. Then click on, use this display as default, or something to that effect. From now on, Zorin OS will default to using your external display.

Also in DISPLAY, you can change which screen gets your desktop, or you could choose to mirror your screen on both monitors. You can also change the position of the screens too.

Hope this helps...

These are Pretty New Graphics.
While the soon to be released Zorin OS 16 may be able to utilize proper drivers for XE Iris, I do not believe that the current build is capable. This needs a very recent kernel patch and the latest updates in drivers, currently not in the Bionic Repository, but present in the Focal Repository, which Zorin 16 will be using.
You will probably want the 5.8 kernel bare minimum with kernel 5.10 preferred.