Need some guide

When i have fedora on one hard disk. I Wang installing Zorin on seconda. In option is automatic and manual. When i chipset manual it gived me some missundersta ding. So, where is the hack when i choose another hardisk. On Android tablet, very difficult writing post here. The questions is why so hard pit commntary. Forum working only for laptop and pc?

You would need to use the Manual Install in this case and open the Partition Manager in the Ubiquity installer.
That means only proceeding through the steps in the installer, choosing the "Something else..." Option, then in the Partition Manager, first ensure that you select the correct /dev/sdx for the drive you want to install Zorin OS on.
From there you can set your EFI boot partition, format your installation partition and set your mount point.
Be fearless Bourne.:wink: You have installed more Linux distros than I have, even.

Yes, but bare metal also isn't the same. I found in tutorials gparted installation. When i choose manual and choose hard disk, it doesn't changed to second hard disk. It gived me all hard disk. When trying pendrive live with manual. So, i choose manual second driver. Need creating partiom EFI/boot, root and home. Then click firmware or next Burton to installation?

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