Network folder tabs not visible in the select file / folder location from the browser


I noticed that, the persistent network folder shortcuts I created on the left panel of Zorin file manager's window are not displayed on the left panel of the "Save as" or "Open" windows that pop open when I have to set the location of a file to be saved or opened from the browser.

When I click on "+ Other locations" on the left-side panel, the only network location(s) that is/are displayed in the "Networks" section of the main window is/are the one/those I previously opened from the File Manager itself. Failing to do so causes the other network locations not to be listed.

I hope this description of the problem is clear enough. Thank you very much and in advance for your attention and help.

Kind regards.

Are you using a built-in app or something from either Snapcraft or Flatpak?

My Flatpak's can't open from network storage either. . Libre Office is able to see the locations though. I think it's containerization that disallow these actions; for safety reasons. It's kind of a buzzkill but, you could copy / paste files to local storage, save / upload when done editing back to net storage. I have an RPi3 for a NAS, CUPS server, and Rsync logging for my router - only non-snap and non-flatpak apps can use it though.. Thankfully - Cura and others don't use huge files, so doesn't take that much room up I suppose.

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With the Nautilus File Manager (Gnome D.E.'s default "Files" app), you must set the desired folder as a "Bookmark".
To do this, navigate to the folder you wish to create a bookmark for using your outlined steps in the O.P. (following the "Other locations").
Once you arrive at that folder, right click on it and select "Add Bookmark" from the popover menu.
Name it - repeat this action for each custom network folder you have created.


Hello PlumpKibbles and Aravisian,

Thanks a lot for providing your guidance towards resolving this issue.

I confirm I am using the built-in Nautilus File Manager - ie the default "Files" app from the ubuntu-focal-updates-main repo. I did not reinstall it from Snapcraft or flatpak.

My description failed to use the correct English terms as I am currently using a French version of Zorin OS. I confirm that the "persistent network folder shortcuts" I was referring to are the "Bookmarks" Aravisian is talking about.

The "Files" app's window does show these bookmarks on the left panel every time I open it. But when I try setting the location to save or open a file from the browser, say from my WebMail for example, the windows that pop open fail to display the bookmarked network folders. I confirm the bookmarked local folders are correctly displayed on the left panel. The "Open" and "Save as" windows are not browser specific. They are the same regardless of the browser used.

I hope my description of the problem is clear enough. If not, please let me know.

Thank you again for your attention and support.

Kind regards.

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You might try clearing out picker cache:

rm -r ~/.cache/gvfs-metadata

rm ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel

This is in case previous data is interfering.

Have you tested with Different Browsers? Does this issue persist in user dialogs opened by Nautilus, not the browser?
Have you checked that your mounted network locations ahve the correct user permissions?


I did clear out the caches you mentioned ... to no avail.

As mentioned in my previous message, I did perform a test using different browsers and observed the same issue. All browsers open the exact same "Save as" / "Open" windows.

The point of my Topic is to point out the difference between the bookmarks available in Files / Nautilus and those in the file managing windows opened by browsers to set the location of an attachment to be saved or opened. Logically, they should be identical, but are not ... on my computer at least. The network folder bookmarks are missing.

By the way, could anyone try and replicate this bug on his or her computer - assuming this person owns a server / NAS and has set network folder bookmarks on Files?

Aravisian, would you please point me towards resources I could read on how to grant permissions to an application? Do you think I would have to set permissions for all my browsers so that they can access network locations? The network folder bookmarks are displayed and do open correctly on Nautilus. The "Open" / "Save as" windows opened by browsers do not. Do you mean these file location windows should be manually granted the same permissions as Nautilus? Are they part of each browser or do they belong to the OS and browsers simply call these dialogues when needed?

Thank you again and in advance for your attention and help.

Yes, you can grant, restrict or generate permissions using either the Terminal (CLI) or by using GUI methods.

For the terminal, You can use the chmod and chown commands in the terminal to change file and folder permissions. The manual pages for these commands is available by running man chmod and man chown. Make note of recursive usage... To apply permissions recursively ensures that all contained files are applied the same way.

As a quick example (The generic $USER is a placeholder for your actual username. What I have labeled as folder in the path should be renamed to your actual folder name):

  • chmod

sudo chmod +rx /mnt/nas/folder

  • chown

sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /mnt/nas/folder

I do not use NAS, so I am not very knowledgeable on it. Hopefully, as you suggest, another user can replicate this or provide more detailed help. I do try to be helpful, but sometimes I can only help look for the Right Direction to look in.

The GUI method is done by right clicking on the folder and selecting Properties and then navigating to the Permissions tab. Recursive action is done by checking the box for "Include all files and folders" or similar wording (I use Nemo FM, not Nautilus).
In the Drop Down menu options, set yourself as the owner and give Read and Write permissions.

This is an excellent question.
They belong to the OS and are called upon by the browsers. In principle, the permissions set within the OS should apply to the browsers. The UI that you see when using the context menu in the browser is provided by the Desktop Environment, not the browser.
But, settings from within the browser can affect what is displayed. Certain Browser Extensions can interfere with it, as well. You may need to browse through the settings on one and see if you find a clue... I would think that if it was discovered as a setting; it is highly likely that it would be the same across browsers. You would not need to re-discover it per browser. Just apply it in each that you use.

Other causes can be Network or server configuration for NAS. SELinux or AppArmor Policies. Or your Firewall.
If you have Firewall enabled (You can check by running gufw), it may be blocking access to the NAS Server. If you have checked all permissions and browser settings, we might need to focus on the above three possibilities instead.

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Thank you very much, Aravisian, for taking the time to read about my issue and provide your valuable insights.

This is apparently an old issue that was reported on Ubuntu Forums as early as 2010 (!), I just found. I am not yet competent enough to assess whether a satisfactory solution was found - ie something a newbie can implement with eyes closed. This bug was reported to Ubuntu and obviously has not been permanently resolved till now - not in the current LTS release to say the least. As one of the users taking part to this thread said, this is a huge oversight and it is a bit of a shame it was not addressed by Ubuntu for all this time.

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I followed through each Link you posted as well as a few other ones, as well. I do not see a Simple Fix, either. But will keep looking. For now, the workaround appears to be to navigate directly using the file viewer.

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