Network share UI + password issues

So the way network shares on windows are handled are pretty straight forward.

  • you browse network.
  • you map a share.
  • you put in user name and password.
  • select reconnect at login.

That’s it your all set, its easy and on every boot/login your share is available.

On Zorin and most other linux OS I’ve tried

  • you browse network.
  • you connect to a share.
  • you put in your user name and password.
  • it asks to setup keyring then set a password for that.
  • you then mount the share.
  • you then have to bookmark the share otherwise the link is lost upon reboot.

However upon each boot after login it asks for keyring password to access the bookmarked share. I found this to be quite annoying especially with more than one bookmark.

I assume the purpose of the password keying manager is to auto fill passwords upon the user logging but it doesn’t seem to do that at least the way regular windows users would expect with no password for network shares.

Am I missing some part of the process here were it does not need to input the keyring password for network shares ?

Also in the Files manager after logging into your bookmarked share it auto mounts it, so now you have two entries in the file manager, this is not great UI design, is this something that could be addressed ?

Thank you.