Networking with Win 10 and Linux Mint Cinnamon

On the wired part of my home network I have a desktop running Win 10, another running Mint 20 and third running Zorin OS16. I can freely transfer files between Win and Mint 20: in the Mint 20 Nemo app. I use an address of the form "smb://(Win IP V4 addr)/Folder/Sub-folder/etc. This doesn't work in OS16 because (I think) of issues with smb; OS 16 posts an error message. I want to transfer files between the Win 10 and OS16 desktops directly but, having little understanding of networking, I don't know how to do this. So I am using the cumbersome technique of transferring files between Win and Mint 20 in Nemo, then transferring files between Mint 20 and OS16 using Warpinator (I cannot get OS16 to talk directly to Mint 20). Is there a comprehensive 'How to' on networking between OS16 and Mint and Win 10, that I haven't been able to find ?

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