New design of ZorinOS 16 using KDE/Qt base

Please, the next version of ZorinOS, could have its look / interface based on QT (KDE), in addition to a more beautiful look, it would be much more stable and with a much better performance due to Kwin.
The app launcher (start menu) should lose that talk bubble border and have only circular borders.

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That makes no sense. That would no longer be Zorin OS. There are plenty of distributions that rely on QT (KDE).

You can also install KDE in Zorin anyway, if you wanted to.

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I think LXQt could be a viable alternative to xfce but it would take the menu back to a Win 2k look. :wink:

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Not KDE bro, only Qt and Kwin. Because is more stable and fast

@mathpfvr ooh! Not heard of KWin - do you have a link?

Ooh and forgot, LXQt doesn’t have to look like Win2k:

bro kwin is a window manager, present in KDE and DDE (deepin), as it is very stable and light, it would be excellent for zorinos to implement in its interface.