New Fresh Install Zorin os16 pro having issues. Process Tracker

Downloaded ZorinOS 16 Pro the other day, formatted drive and installed from clean USB, seeing process running in background of " Tracker-miner-fs " it has been causing high CPU.. has anyone else faced this on a new install, should that be a process that is running with Zorin?

Hi RealKingofNY. Welcome to the forum. This is an Ubuntu bug. Try the following in terminal, without sudo:

tracker reset --hard

It's basically used for fast indexed searches. You can read up on it here:

Thanks @337harvey - it worked.... Ran that command and then /'user/libexe.-tracker-miner-fs -v 3'

the following showed:

CAUTION: This process may irreversibly delete data.
Although most content indexed by Tracker can be safely reindexed, it can’t be assured that this is the case for all data. Be aware that you may be incurring in a data loss situation, proceed at your own risk.

Are you sure you want to proceed? [y|N]: y
Found 0 PIDs…
_g_io_module_get_default: Found default implementation dconf (DConfSettingsBackend) for ‘gsettings-backend’
Setting database locations
Checking database directories exist
posix_spawn avoided (fd close requested) 
Checking database version
  Could not find database version file:'/root/.cache/tracker/db-version.txt'
  Current databases are either old or no databases are set up yet
  A reindex will be forced
  Creating version file '/root/.cache/tracker/db-version.txt'
Checking whether database files exist
Removing all database/storage files
  Removing database:'/root/.cache/tracker/meta.db'
  Removing db-locale file:'/root/.cache/tracker/db-locale.txt'
  Removing journal:'/root/.local/share/tracker/data/tracker-store.journal'
  Removing db-version file:'/root/.cache/tracker/db-version.txt'

Thanks again!

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