New Installation required?

I installed Zorin 16 Lite on a computer with Legacy BIOS using instructions for installing Ubuntu 18.04. Those instructions told me to create a 1 meg /boot partition, an 8G swap partition, and to put all the rest of the space in /. No /home partition was mentioned. In installing I did not create a /home partition.

I did not use the Zorin 16 Installation instructions because it was for an EFI computer.

I just looked at disks and disk usage analyzer, and I think that I may have needed all of the extra space in a /home partition instead of /. It doesn't seem to be storing anything in the / partition, but it's early yet.

Will this system work as setup, or do I need to reinstall.?

I wouldn't reinstall just because of that. In your setup, both /home and / will occupy however much remaining space they need.
If you set it up as separate partitions, then they will be limited to whatever remaining space you give them.

It's useful to have a separate home partition should you want to preserve it for future reinstalls of the OS.
It is not necessary, though... and the back up method you use may render that option needless.

I just did some more searching and discovered that the 135G partition seems to be devoted to "file system". Does that make a difference?

Filesystem is root. That’s a lot for root. I keep mine at 30 G (20 G minimum). I have a separate home partition.

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like vineyridge, I have them both under filesystem (150GB large) works fine, but with a risk. Because if something goes wrong I have to reinstall both the root and home.

But when after installing you have a good running system and all partitioned to your liking, it's good to have a backup.

You can create a separate home partition yet. Make it primary and ext4, it doesn't need to be bootable.

After it's created, enable hidden files and copy your files from home to the new partition. Create another file in the old home folder called old (this will help later) .

Then copy the uuid of that partition from gparted or disks. In /etc/fstab find your /home listing... at the beginning of that line will be the current partition's uuid. Select it, copy it out of the way or delete it and paste in the one from your new partition.

Reboot and make sure you can get in, then, in /home, you will see two versions of your user name... enter the one and if you don't see the old folder/file, that's not the right one, backup and go into the other user name. Hit ctrl + a and delete. Now all your files are on the new home partition and you have freed space in system.


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