New installed Zorin 16 not detecting all my RAM

i have installed a new fresh Zorin Os 16 on my Laptop Viewsonic ViewBook vs13550 i have two ram in there one with 4 Gb of Ram and the other with 2,but system only detect 2.9 Gb, but in the live the 6 was detected, i share some screenshots, thanks in advance.
P.D.: Does Efi or bios activated on the bios have something to do with it?


Hi and welcome,

The second picture shows 4gb ram and 2gb ram installed. The third picture i cant explain why it shows lesser.

What does cat /proc/meminfo say ?

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Hey thanks for answer, this is the output:

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Interesting, @carmar do you know what is happening here ?

I had bios disabled on the bios the first attemp to install it, and the system recognize all the ram, but at the moment of the grub install throw me an error and did not boot properly, so i enable bios (legacy) boot and dont recognize the 6 Gb anymore...

Try switching it back ? Boot into grub and use a older kernel if possible.

Also post the error from grub so we can look into it.

But you mean just selecting other kernel from the grub options?

Ok, this is what happens when i disable bios and try to boot Zorin:

Yes please try that first.

Sorry, no. I don’t know if this helps: My system does not recognize all of my RAM memory - Ask Ubuntu

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Hey, i tried again getting the same results,with bios disabled in the live session i can see my 6 Gb of ram, but im not able to install it, here the ss:

Did you verify the .iso ?

What you mean with 'verify' the iso?
By the way i have done the usb with dd command:

sudo dd if=patht_to_zorin16_64_image.iso of=/dev/sdd bs=1M status=progress

Do you have a dual boot with windows ?

Noup, just Zorin

What happens if you change to legacy bios and reinstall zorin ?

In legacy the install works perfect, the error is just when I disable legacy, I'm thinking in try other way to burn the image to the USB as Balena instead of dd command :thinking:

Try instead of balena.

Thanks, I'll do it, do I have to select Mbr or Gpt? And I don't remember if it have options for efi or bios

Copy iso creating boot on pendrive? It depends what HDD size but mostly GPT and Legacy.