New Linux User Help!

I'm new to Linux and recently installed Zorin OS 17.1 Core on my PC. While I'm excited to explore Linux, I've noticed the performance feels quite sluggish compared to my previous Windows experience. Zorin seems to be lagging behind significantly. Can anyone offer suggestions for improving the performance?

What is the spec of the PC?
Are there particular apps where performance is sub-par?
Have you tried running Xorg instead of Wayland screens. (Selectable by cog icon on login screen.)

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Can you please open the terminal (don't worry it won't bite :wink: ) and copy/paste these commands that will tell us about the specs of your system:

sudo apt install inxi
inxi -C
inxi -G

the first command install an command app to show the info of your system. inxi -C tells us the CPU and inxi -G tells us about the video card and driver.

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