New SSD storage and Zorin install

I have to replace my Ssd storage on my Macbook air 2012. If I just put the new Ssd in and then boot to my Zorin USB will any formatting needs be handled or do I need to do something special?

If its new/clean SSD, nothing special need to be done.
Just boot the usb and for install you can make the choice, using the entire SSD or something else, which will let to make partitions if you want to.

I would just go for a straight install - it will choose Ext4 file system by default and just use the entire drive. You should be Ok with Core, but I have had a disaster with 5.2 Gb Zorin Education iso using Balena Etcher. If not burning to DVD, and you do have a working GNU/Linux installation then MultiSystem is the best USB live software:

Tutorial video here:

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