New to Zorin 16 Pro

The last Linux system I used was Red Hat. Well to be honest I crashed the system so much I finally got tired of reinstalling the system. Well in short I went back to Windows and put up with it. OK well I found by accident on youtube this operating system called Zorin os 16 Pro
I decided to try Linux one more time, woo very surprising about the results of this system. I have been using it for only 2 days now with very little problem more tweaking than problems, an outstanding job with Zorin os I will keep you in the loop.

Thank You


I am sure we can help you crash the system and reinstall it if you want.
It will be like Old Times...



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Welcome to the forum @VinnySx ! Wonderful to hear from new individuals coming to Linux for the first time (or returning for another try).

Your absolutely correct in your discovery of how EASY it is to use Zorin OS. It is like that so people like me and you can discover the NEW way to still do the old things much better.

We have a terrific group of volunteers who assist in the transition for M$ to Linux. You will not find a nicer, more helpful group of people ANYWHERE. No question is silly to ask and there is also a huge resource of information in the Tutorials and Guides section so you can develop a working knowledge prior to questions.

Again welcome and look forward to your views of Zorin which help not only us but the group responsible for Zorin development


Hello Vinny,
I'm biased, as many of us on here are when it comes to the ZorinOS Project. So when I say Great Choice on selecting Zorin, you know
I've just begun my 5th year using Linux solely on home pc's (Must use windows at work :frowning: ). I think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. And choosing Zorin was ever better. So now I'm going to share some very important info with you, but you must not tell anyone. Promise?
If you come across any issues that you search and can't find answers on, coming onto this forum and searching, or even asking. You will come across many fantastic people who will try to help, share their knowledge, or in some cases even do some research to help you out. They are so helpful and genuinely nice, that it may hook you in to being a Zorin user for a long time. I can tell you their names, but the list is so long that I'd accidentally leave several names out and feel bad for not including them. But over time you will find out for yourself.
So I hope you enjoy your Zorin experience. As well as ask any questions you may come across. But just know, you've now been warned about the terrific Zorin It's just as good as the OS itself. But that's my opinion.


Welcome to Zorin OS 16 Vinny! :smiley:

WOW, did you just upgrade yourself to stellar :star2: status by going PRO? I think you did! :grin:

Jeff is so right. Zorin OS is not just not just an OS, its a way of life. And if you hang around here, you will be a part of a wonderful Zorin family.

I myself can't get away from Zorin, its just too awesome. And since I recently went through a total nightmare in my POP OS installation, now I am back on Zorin OS 16 PRO on my main gaming machine as well.

Hey, don't forget to update your profile preferences on this forum to reflect the fact that you have PRO. You will find the dropdown box in there, just puts what version you have on your profile card, which helps us to provide you support.

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