New to Zorin (and Linux)

I use Windows at work (no choice) and have been using MacOS at home. Linux was always an itch that I finally scratched when, after doing my research, chose Zorin due to its ease of use for relative Linux noobs like me.

I've only been on Zorin for a couple days, but I love it, a lot. It's so much faster for me than either Windows or Mac, plus it doesn't drain my battery nearly as fast.

I recently took a 9-year old Macbook Pro and installed Zorin Core on it, overwriting MacOS, so far no issues and I don't miss any of the Mac features one bit.


Welcome @basicdude Good choice. I also with Zorin on both pc if one died when i experimental always have another.


I am glad that you are enjoying Zorin OS, it truly is an awesome OS. I also think that its sweet as candy, that you were able to install it on your Macbook, isn't that so stellar!

Just as you don't miss the Apple features, is just the same way I don't miss Windows features. Linux is all about giving you the choice. And Zorin is what allows you to enjoy that choice.

I always enjoy reading feedback from new Zorin OS users, thank you for sharing. Now would you do me a favor? Please update your profile to reflect which Zorin OS edition you are using. And, please have a truly stellar day! :star2:


Hey there BD, glad to hear you are enjoying Zorin. I, too, have Zorin running on a Mac. In my case a 2012 iMac. Zorin makes it feel like I have a brand new machine. I don't miss the Mac Experience at all. I also have Zorin installed on an 18 year old Toshiba Satellite. Given the age difference not an eye popper like on my iMac. But very good nonetheless. Back to the Mac, the speed pickup with Zorin is incredible for me like you mentioned.


Hello + basicdude maybe Zorin should start a vintage club as we do for aged, classic vehicles!
I run Zorin Core on an old Asus p5bse which is now around 14 years old. Initially I ran on a Pentium 4 but it eventually burnt itself out, now on a Core duo. Zorin just keeps on going.

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