New to Zorin and the Forum

Hello to all, I recently decided after decades of Windows, to cheer myself up by trying Linux. As a first tentative step I followed some magazine recommendations and got into Kubuntu. The ease with which I made the transfer was reassuring.
From there, I decided to try Zorin on the basis again of mags telling me it was beautiful. My secondary machine is a Tosh Satellite of about 7 years, and so I decided to try alongside Zorin 16 Core, the Lite version to see if I got any better speed. I did not. I therefore decided to uninstall Lite, and got myself into trouble because I can see the outside of a PC but know nothing of what goes on inside, and have only a Windows user's idea of a command line.
The net got me as far as being able to boot the remaining Core version, but it was clear that I had managed to destroy what I know know is GRUB, and the thing would not boot without much dos type typing.
So I gave up, joined the forum, glanced at the 'general topics' and saw a grub problem discussed. In that thread was a link to How to Geek, that sent me to boot repair, and now everything in my garden is lovely!
That's a very long-winded way of saying thanks for being there, and I look forward to sharing in the dummies sections of the forum for years to come! Keithm


Hi Keithm and welcome to the forum.
Now that you are up and running on Z16 Core, can you please edit your forum profile to indicate you haver "Core". That way we can quickly find out if you have gnome or xfce flavour ZorinOS without having to ask you each time, should you seek help in the future.

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Thanks for your response, I have completed the profile as suggested, and I have no doubt I will be pestering forum members regularly.

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Changed from General to Feedback.

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