New Zorin Starbook not booting

I think I may have compatibility issues with somethings I tries to run.

Yesterday I could not boot up my new starbook.

I think it was an system update applied...what can I do

Should I create a bootable usb from zorin download..and then bottom that..will that cute it!?

What do you recommend, it currently flickers and then turns off.

Let me know guys

Can you please tap the esc or the tab key once you see the motherboard splash screen. Keep tapping it quickly - you are looking for the Grub menu recovery
Advanced Options for Zorin
Select an earlier kernel and try booting normally.
IF it boots and works, then it may be the latest kernel has an issue with your graphics. If it works, please open a terminal once you reach the desktop and enter in

sudo lshw -c video

and post the output here.

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