New Zorin Update

Got a new Zorin update today ..... CUPS .... downloaded it and crossing my fingers that it will straighten out my Brother printer ..... this here website is full of my problems relating to CUPS and my DCP T500W so I won't bore you with any details ......

Off to test out CUPS once again ..... :dizzy_face: :grinning:


Yes i seen the CUPS update & thought " I hope this may help @Frog ,, fingers crossed also...
Good luck.

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Unfortunately it didn't but at least it did recognize my model ..... but when I do a test print it says ...... "Unable to locate printer"

Maybe when Zorin 17 becomes available mt printer may work with Zorin ..... :+1: :rofl: :rofl:

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All Right boys and girls I found out the problem with my printer ...... it doesn't print with my VPN on ...... yup you heard it right ..... when Nordvpn is turned on the printer will not print .....

Maybe there is a setting in Nord that will allow the printer to work ..... I'll check ..... but if not it is no big deal to just turn Nord off to do any printing ..... that is a whole lot easier than switching to Win 10 (I dual boot) to do my printing ....

The funny thing is that on Win 10 I have Nordvpn turned on with no problems but then Win 10 doesn't use CUPS and Nord must be installed and operate through the terminal in Linux .....

OH Happy Days ..... I have a printer once again ...... :+1: :nerd_face:

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The previous update took down my HP printer. This update fixed it.


The downside to newest CUPS is it will no longer work with Gutenprint. I needed this for GhostBSD and Antix Linux.

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My problem was solved see this post ......


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