Newcomer linux user who using zorin for the first workspace

this is my first time using zorin as my daily work environment, considering other operating systems, this OS is awesome and very easy to use, maybe because it is similar to ubuntu.

for future development, will the workstation/server series be built?


There are several variants of Zorin OS including Pro, Education, as well as the Core and Light versions of each. These are intended to appeal to those moving from Windows OS to an environment that is familiar and helps them to learn Linux or that the least, not have to learn Linux just to have a usable system.

While I have no confirmation of this: It is unlikely that Zorin OS will be introduced as a Server Edition. Server editions already exist for that niche and that niche does not match what ZorinGroup is aiming for.


Aside from the graphical user interface, the only thing that sets servers apart, really, are the services they provide on a local or public network.

You can turn off the gui, run it by command line and offer apache, nginx, gitlab, mail or any other service from that machine and it will be a server. This isn't recommended for public use if the computer has limited resources (less than 6 cores, 16gb of ram, less than two network cards, minimal bandwidth from your ISP and a few terabytes of drive space). Locally, though, you can sport a media server, Network Attached Storage, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, GitLab and so much more. Each service will effect the speed of the machine and the other services... but all are doable.

Where were you going with this question?

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