News from our Facebook Group

A new feature has been introduced in our Facebook group which I'm also are janitor for. We got real-time chat rooms, which I have enabled. I doubt it will be a success, but I give it a chance before I disable it again.

We've reach over 4.200 members, that's good news.
... and now I'm off, as I've been monitoring the forums and Facebook group all day while making icons. Now I'm going to play a new game I bought on Steam and relax tonight.

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I don't use Facebook at all. 'Cause y'know...

In fact, I've just heard it's going to have a subscription service like Twitter now.


I don't want to know anything except what interests me, so I don't use major social media because it's noisy.


paying facebook subscription you mean.

Zorin OS. 18 859 people on facebook

I found your group @Storm Yes that is correct 4.200 members

I also am not a Farcebook fan nor user. I joined with it first started and quit within a month due to it being so 'shallow' in content and no use for me really. So-shall media doesn't interest me at all.


I also am not a Facebook user and never will be.
However, I would like to point out that this thread is not about whether we use or like Facebook - but to provide for those who already do that there is a resource available on that medium.
I know many many people that use Facebook, Twitter etc for Isolated Positive Use Cases.


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