Next door neighbor fire

Last night, our next door neighbors property caught fire.
We sit on one acre next to their land which is also an acre. Getting hoses gathered and connected and run out to the distance was a job in itself.
The loss they have is pretty tragic. We managed to save all of the animals, chickens and the like. The property damage is extensive.
The garage was leveled, taking all their tools and a vehicle with it.
I may be scarce around the forum for a little while as I assist with cleanup and recovery.


Thankfully, everyone got out OK. Good of you to help them out, would do so if I could.

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Your beauty is that you are kind to your neighbors.

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Take care that no structural damage falls on any of you.

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Waiting on insurance guys to come and access now, so cannot do much at the moment.

There is nothing left to fall.

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Good things with insurance. I'm insured from top to bottom, never leave the room without it.

Most importance is noone got hurt.

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And in the middle of the night, that must've been scary... glad everyone's OK.

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Hummmmm ... how does one go about insuring a bottom ..... and no I will not ask Kim Kardashian .... :rofl: :rofl: :sunglasses:

It was about 11. My son went outside to check on things and noticed a bright glow and very loud crackling noise.
He told me - I went to look and beyond the trees I could see the flames rising. Yelled to call 9-11... Then ran top speed toward their house.
I still have not yet put up a fence between our properties... just bought the place a few months ago... Last night I was very glad to not have had the barrier.
Had to link multiple hoses together to reach.
The old man and I were running the hoses over the flames, rather ineffectively.
Just trying to Slow the Spread of the fire to buy time until the Fire Dept arrived.
This... not my first fire. And yet, it never fails to surprise you the intensity of the heat and smoke. I was holding a shield in front of my face just to get close enough to hose it and my son was 60 feet or more behind me holding the hose steady and he got overwhelmed by the heat. Proud of him though - he didn't drop it.
When the Fire Dept. arrived (finally) the sheer power of their water supply from the truck made the putting out very much quicker work. Had they arrived just a bit sooner then...
But that is how it usually is.
Fire spread FAST and by the time "help" arrives, the building is usually on the ground.

It has me thinking pretty hard about methods to not rely on anyone else if we ever get a fire.

Watching the video of it early made me cringe.


Always good to plan ahead for disasters and have a home emergency escape plan.
Good that neighbours people and animals are all safe.
Be careful around burned out buildings in case of asbestos or other toxins have been exposed.

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@Aravisian Great history like a reading some a book.

Scary stuff. We had the apartment fires in London recently, I think it was a faulty fridge that started the blaze. Very paranoid about leaving stuff on when I'm away.

Glad they're safe but even if you have insurance for everything, the energy required to start from scratch is immense. Not to mention these insurance companies will fight you for every $. I hope everything works out for them.


Every lost when people building things with many years and lost that with a while is tragedy. Lost a someome from family most mother when she lost a children. Family when she lost a house like here in fire. Tragedy with animals when they died with some virus. This is very hard to winner with a nature like a fire,water,wind and some earthquake or explosion vulkan.

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